• How we rate our gear

    Unlike a lot of other places, we own professional testing equipment & tools to accurately test everything we offer. It's the only way we can ensure everything we offer is fully functional and adheres to our high standards.

    While technical details are nice, not everyone is familiar with all the technicalities like us nerds and repair technicians 🤓. We decided to adopt a scale from 1 through 5 to describe condition of an item as accurately as possible.

    This 5-point scale is used to determine the condition in three different areas: mechanical, optical & cosmetic. Together with the provided image of each item, this should give you a clear idea of the items condition.

    Learn more about our Testing Procedures 
  • Our rating system

    Here's a short overview of the rating system we use for every item (if applicable).

    Rating Summary

    5 - Excellent condition
    An item which shows nearly no signs of previous use or which has been serviced recently. Fully within spec on all levels.

    4 - Great condition.
    Minimal signs of use and performing perfectly. Within spec.

    3 - Good condition.
    Clear signs of previous use but still a great performer.

    2 - Fair condition. 
    Useable condition but not within tolerance. Might have some impacted performance.

    1 - Poor condition.
    While the item mightstill be useable, it will not perform as expected.