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Yashica Mat-124G

Yashica Mat-124G

S/N: 100792

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In 1970, Yashica started production of their last TLR, the Yashica Mat-124G. A classic 6x6 twin lens reflex medium format camera. With the same Yashinon 80mm f/3.5 lens, Bay 1 accessory mount and flip up magnifier it offers largely the same functionality as its predecessor. Main upgrade was the use of gold-plated contacts for the lightmeter functionality. 

We have been recommending some of the Yashica TLR models for years now. They are an extremely capable and affordable way to get into medium format photography. Yashinon lenses might not be that will known but they are stellar performers. The waist level finder, which mirrors the image, takes some getting used too but is easy enough after a few rolls. 


This camera comes in good condition. Lenses are clean and show normal signs of previous use. Slow speed and film winding mechanism were overhauled and focus was adjusted. Light meter was checked and calibrated (using a 1,35V battery). It does seem like this camera has suffered some fall damage in the past. The focusing knob is slightly skewed but doesn't affect its use. Some aspects are in slightly rougher condition than we would like so this camera is offered at a reduced price. Still a perfect user camera!

Light seals replaced


Uitgebracht in: 1970

Lensvatting: n/a

Type: medium format


Mechanical Condition: 4
Cosmetic Condition: 4
Optical Condition: 4


Vereist: PX625

*hoewel we ons materiaal met uiterste zorg testen, dient er rekening gehouden te worden met de leeftijd van de toestellen. Lichtmeters kunnen niet eeuwig meegaan en hoewel we een correcte functie garanderen (tenzij anders vermeld), kunnen wij deze meters niet onder onze garantie dekken door de fragiele aard.

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