Camera testing equipment - collimator, EE tester and shutter speed tester

Fully tested

Every piece of equipment sold by us has been tested professionally. Shutter speeds, automatic exposure and metering capabilities are all checked in-house to be within the allowed tolerances.

With our experience, knowledge and proper testing equipment, we can ensure our items get the most accurate evaluation possible.

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3 month warranty

Because we have been perfecting our testing process for years and only pass fully functioning items, we offer a 3 month warranty for all cameras and lenses sold (unless stated otherwise). Read up on our Terms and Conditions here.

Our goal

We have seen way to many cameras wasted and way to many people deterred from shooting film because of negligent sellers trying to sell subpar equipment for ridiculous prices.

Not only do we aim to save as many cameras as possible, no matter their brand or value. We are committed to have these around for years to come for everyone to enjoy. That's why we have not only invested in proper testing equipment over the years but also in having the right tools and knowledge available to properly test, troubleshoot and repair cameras and lenses.

This with the main goal of getting only fully functional equipment back into the community!