Shutter speeds

The most crucial part of any camera is the shutter which exposes your film. A shutter opening/closing too fast or too slow will affect your final images resulting into unwanted under- or overexposure.

Using the right equipment, we make sure every shutter gets tested properly and falls within tolerance. We invested a lot to make sure every camera can be tested properly and to only provide you with correctly functioning gear.

In general we have a tolerance of 20% deviation for speeds up to 1/125th and 30% for all speeds above. For serviced items, we take into account the factory specified tolerances.

Camera testing equipment - collimator, EE tester and shutter speed tester


It's no secret that cameras can suffer from all kinds of defects due to age or negligence. Especially lightmeters and other electronics can fail over time.

That's why we use our EE tester to check for any deviation in metering and/or auto exposure modes. While most negative film is forgiving enough to not notice any inaccuracies, we still strive to put only the best working examples back into circulation.

Infinity focus

Lenses can develop focusing issues after years of use (or people tampering with them). By using known good bodies & lenses and checking them on precision optical equipment, these issues can be determined before wasting a roll of film.

That's why we use collimators to ensure lenses are properly aligned for optimal results.