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Canon AE-1 Program (black) /w Canon 50mm f1.8 FDn [35mm kit]

Canon AE-1 Program (black) /w Canon 50mm f1.8 FDn [35mm kit]

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Although the AE-1 Program looks extremely similar to its predecessor, the AE-1, it has one main difference: a Program mode. This sets both shutter speed and aperture automatically, just like the A-1 does. Other upgrades include a LED readout in the viewfinder, easily interchangeable focusing screens and a hand grip protecting the battery cover.

If you don't need all the features the A-1 offers but still want some auto exposure capabilities, this might be the camera for you. 


This way less common AE-1 Program in black finish (instead of silver) comes in great shape both cosmetically and mechanically. Only minor signs of previous use. Shutter speeds and light meter are well within factory specfication. Lens is clear with clean and snappy aperture. Only remark here is that the battery check button is stuck and can't be depressed anymore so it can't be used to check battery levels anymore. No affect on general use of the camera and priced accordingly.

Light seals replaced


Released in: 1981

Mount: Canon FD

Type: 35mm


Mechanical Condition: 4
Cosmetic Condition: 4
Optical Condition: 5


Requires: 4LR44 / PX28

*while we test our equipment to the highest standards possible, please keep in mind that these items are several decades old. Light meters can't last forever and even though we garantuee a proper function (unless stated otherwise), due to the fragile nature of the meters, we can not cover them under our warranty.

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