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Camera / 35mm

Canon FT QL /w Canon 35mm f2.5 FL

Canon FT QL /w Canon 35mm f2.5 FL

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Introduced by Canon in 1966, the FT QL followed the famous Pellix model. Unlike the Pellix, the FT QL had a quick-return mirror and offered stop-down TTL metering. A mechanical camera with a built-in light meter for extra convenience.

One noticeable feature of the FT QL series is the 'QL' part which stands for Quick Load. This system was introduced by Canon to simplify loading of your 35mm roll. 


Camera and lens come as part of our outlet (without warranty). They are functional and will produce results but they will not be optimal without an extensive service. Shutter speeds under 1/30s are a bit too slow (up to one stop difference for 1s), the lightmeter reacts and is almost within spec but not entirely. Lens is useable but could also use a service at some point. 

The finder of the camera is showing some desilvering around the edges. This won't affect the results but is something we like to mention. Finder is still useable though. There's a dent on the top of the prism finder and bottom cover. New seals are needed

*This item is part of our Outlet and is sold in 'as-is' condition without any warranty.


Released in: 1966

Mount: Canon FD

Type: 35mm


Mechanical Condition: 3
Cosmetic Condition: 3
Optical Condition: 2



*while we test our equipment to the highest standards possible, please keep in mind that these items are several decades old. Light meters can't last forever and even though we garantuee a proper function (unless stated otherwise), due to the fragile nature of the meters, we can not cover them under our warranty.

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