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Kiev III (Contax III) + Jupiter-8 5cm f2 - Boxed set

Kiev III (Contax III) + Jupiter-8 5cm f2 - Boxed set

S/N: A535594

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An early Kiev III (1948 to 1958) body with serial number: A535594 paired with a KMZ Jupiter-8 5cm f2 (PT3550) with serial number: 5414879. Around 120.000 units of this 35mm rangefinder camera were produced using parts originally designed for the German Contax III cameras. These were basically Contax III clones build with original Contax parts. 

These cameras had built-in selenium lightmeter which was still uncoupled and usually came with the standard Jupiter-8 5cm f2 lens. 


This set comes with the (worn) original box, manual, ever-ready case, original orange filter and film cartridge. As with most of these cameras, the shutter does not work as it should. It fires but the speeds are definitely not within spec. Lightmeter of the body does not work and the lens has some scratches on the front element. 

Not a camera for the user but a great kit for any collector of these russian beauties. Lots of cool history here!

Note: This kit does not come with any warranty.


Released in: 1951

Mount: n/a

Type: 35mm


Mechanical Condition: 2
Cosmetic Condition: 3
Optical Condition: 4



*while we test our equipment to the highest standards possible, please keep in mind that these items are several decades old. Light meters can't last forever and even though we garantuee a proper function (unless stated otherwise), due to the fragile nature of the meters, we can not cover them under our warranty.

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