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Minolta XD7 [OUTLET]

Minolta XD7 [OUTLET]

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In 1977 Minolta introduced the XD7, a 35mm single lens reflex camera with both manual and automatic exposure options. In the automatic mode, the camera can be used with both shutter as well as aperture priority. It was the last of the Minolta line-up to have an metal body before they switched to plastic.

The Minolta XD7 is an often overlooked but extremely capable camera (it even served as the foundation of the well-known Leica R4). Comparable to cameras like the Canon A-1, it should be more than enough for all your photographic endeavours. 


This XD7 comes in good overall cosmetic condition but there are some remarks to be made about its functionality. The camera only seems to be working in manual mode (A & S don't seem responsive, but not tested in depth). In manual mode, the shutter speeds are still well within specification and perfectly usable. Besides that, the film memo holder on the back door is missing as well. Offered for a very reduced price because of this

*This item is part of our Outlet and is sold in 'as-is' condition without any warranty.


Released in: 1977

Mount: Minolta MD

Type: 35mm


Mechanical Condition: 2
Cosmetic Condition: 4
Optical Condition: 4


Requires: 2x LR44

*while we test our equipment to the highest standards possible, please keep in mind that these items are several decades old. Light meters can't last forever and even though we garantuee a proper function (unless stated otherwise), due to the fragile nature of the meters, we can not cover them under our warranty.

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