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Nikon EM /w Nikon E-series 100mm f2.8 [OUTLET]

Nikon EM /w Nikon E-series 100mm f2.8 [OUTLET]

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In 1979 Nikon released the EM as a beginner SLR model. With a minimum amount of features, a very compact and light body, it was tailored to the new photographer just getting into photography. 

Matching the system a few 'E-series' lenses were also released by Nikon. These were the 'budget' versions of some of the most popular focal lengths and offered a wide range of possibilities for little money. While they were mostly made out of plastic, the glass in them is still very good. 


This silver button Nikon EM comes in overall good shape for its age. Meter is accurate and speeds appear to be good as well. The film advance sounds a bit squeaky at times but is still working smoothly.

This kit is provided with a Nikon E-series 100mm f2.8 lens with good cosmetics however with quite a bit of scratches on the front element. While the lens will still produce images, depending on the lighting condition, this might result in less contrast. Priced accordingly.

Light seals replaced
*This item is part of our Outlet and is sold in 'as-is' condition without any warranty.


Released in: 1979

Mount: Nikon F

Type: 35mm


Mechanical Condition: 4
Cosmetic Condition: 4
Optical Condition: 3


Requires: 2x LR44

*while we test our equipment to the highest standards possible, please keep in mind that these items are several decades old. Light meters can't last forever and even though we garantuee a proper function (unless stated otherwise), due to the fragile nature of the meters, we can not cover them under our warranty.

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